I’ve got G.A.S.

There’s a fairly consistent pattern that occurs every few months, a change if you will, that is both costly and all-consuming. It’s G.A.S. Obviously a joke about new January, new me, fits in here with my new-found-high-fibre-low-fun diet that I’m bound to break if I haven’t already, but I think we all know I’m better than that (haha… gas).

No this thing is far more painful and far more expensive than any post-Christmas cleanse. It’s Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S.) and it affects at least 1 in 1 people writing this. It seems to start innocently enough with a fantasy of that new hardtail that I don’t really need, but my current hardtail clearly is getting a bit long in the tooth these days. It’s awfully short, under a 400mm reach for a size medium – what would the boys at Nicolai think!? I’m not one to try and stay ahead of the trends, but I do rather enjoy riding that long, slack Starling. Yes… obviously I need a new bike. It’ll need to be slack, and long, and obviously singlespeed for when I’m bored of having knee cartilage. Maybe keep the travel short though, a bit like those BTR guys, yeah they have it nailed. I wonder what the prices are like from Marino over in Peru? I’ll drop them an email and make some enqui……


It happened again. So this pattern seems to repeat itself again and again, and it always signifies one thing; I’m bored! Now, I’m not talking about not having enough to do, or even not getting enough time on the bike. Whenever there’s a lull from the kind of rides that really get your pulse racing, your heart beating in your chest, and your adjectives tired, my mind wanders onto what could be instead of what I already have.

Being realistic, I know that’s it’s just the winter lull, when the nights are long, and the days are cold (I REALLY need to work on getting better adjectives) and rather than writing a first person perspective of my inability to control my bike buying habit, I should be getting in the miles on Zwift to stand a modicum of a chance of keeping up with the group once race season starts. Or, at the very least, I should be heading up to the BMX track to finally nail those 6ft doubles, but I’m not.

I may have built a bit of a reputation amongst friends, in never quite settling on just one bike for long, always looking to try the next thing. I hear bikepacking’s fun? Maybe that could supplement my training, although I’d have to buy a Surly first and…..


At least I definitely need to change my brakes over to Hopes though right?

2 thoughts on “I’ve got G.A.S.

  1. Steve

    Plus you’ll need new shorts for this year. And last years windproof is looking a bit tatty…..

    1. bramblescratch

      Very true! I mean I wouldn’t want to look tatty in those roots n rain photos would I?!

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